Close Calls " Original Slate"
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Close Calls ORIGINAL CEDAR SLATE:  Ron has run the gambit of all types of wood, sound boards & strikers trying to improve his slate calls.  His ORIGINAL SLATE is the one known thru out the land as the GO TO call when you are serious about harvesting that old gobbler!  For 2013 he has returned to his roots..presenting the ORIGINAL RED CEDAR SLATE call.  Hand turned by Ron, it has a slate soundboard which gives it that OH SO MELLOW & super sexy hen talk.  Ron uses imported from Portugal THIN slate rather than the thick & dull Pa. gray that others use.  Comes with TWO original Close Calls strikers..thin peg & the corncob & Hickory a hand made camo pouch & scuff pad.  Each signed & dated by Ron!


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Close Calls " Original Slate"

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